“The majestic creature from the segregated American South witnessed many of the most momentous events in twentieth-century history: from the rise and fall of Hitler to the end of the Soviet Union.” russianlife.com

A short story

Illustration: Vikram Dayal

On a cold winter day in January 1936, a female alligator’s egg hatched in Bluff Lake, near Starkville, Mississippi, just south of Tupelo. Out came a male baby alligator about 8 inches in length. The protective mother brought him pieces of worms and insects to eat. The baby had an independent personality and tried to swim away from the mother. …

A tanka poem

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

A lifelong learner
Needs to ask questions often
Always curious
Satisfy thirst for knowledge
Then share knowledge with others.

Thanks to Tracy Aston for the Curious Prompt

A tanka poem

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

People pass away
Without a rhyme or reason
Seems irrational.
God seems to want them elsewhere
To serve an unknown purpose.

Free verse poetry

Photo by Extraction on Unsplash

Rise and Shine
Despite the suffering and pain
All around the world
On track to ride life’s train.

How lucky I’ve been
To dodge the virus so far
A small price to pay
At home, barely used the car.

I’ve used the time
To think what should I do
With my time left on earth
Explore things anew.

After three decades
Of research and teaching
I want to explore new hobbies
Cooking, biking, creative writing.

The biggest decision I’ve made
Is to retire early when healthy
Commit my time to these pursuits
Improve, enjoy my skills plenty.

May our train get through this dark tunnel
May we be strong and wise
May we have community again
Together we rise and shine.

Thank you, my friend, for the privilege of knowing you

Richard in Finland, 2001 (Photo by Sanjit Sengupta)

What do you call a person who you have taken courses with, exchanged ideas, and learned from? A classmate? What if that person also shows you the lay of the land, introduces you to food and music you would not otherwise have tried? A guide? And what if that person also loans you his car and computer when you need them? A benefactor?

Yes, Richard was all these to me and much more. A true friend.

At my new student orientation to the Berkeley Business Ph.D. program in Fall 1985, I was given a printed sheet. This had the names…

Free verse poetry

Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash

The rising sun brings hope of a productive new day.
Rain brings hope of a bountiful harvest.
Spring brings hope for new life.

These natural events are real and lift the human spirit.
They are also symbols of the Divine Orchestrator
And what the soul can expect in the life after
Minus the ills of poverty, hunger, and disease.

Thanks to Simran Kankas for the Spiritual Tree weekly prompt, Symbol of Hope.

My teacher, mentor, and friend

Pete in Stockholm, 2001 (Photo: Sanjit Sengupta)

I met Pete in 1985 as a fresh graduate student from India in the Berkeley Business School’s Ph.D. program. There were many famous professors in the Berkeley Marketing Department at that time. I gravitated towards Pete because we had common academic interests and he was warm and welcoming.

Several pleasant memories come to mind about how our relationship evolved over time.

Pete and I had a research paper accepted for presentation at the University of Washington, Seattle in 1988. Although there was a shortage of travel funds in the department, Pete felt it would be…

A tanka poem

Photo: Sanjit Sengupta

This is my E-bike
Pride and joy for the past three years
For daily commute
Pandemic blues lifestyle boost
For leisure and exercise.

Stopped working one day
It took three months to repair
Now I have it back.
Delighted to bike again
Sad with object dependence.

I regret how attached I am to this material object. Also sad to note that the company is withdrawing this product from the market. Hence this tribute.

An eternal connection

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

It is easy to see that we are all interconnected to each other as human beings, wherever we live, whether we know each other or not. There is a deep connection that links all of humanity. No question. That’s why we are bothered by injustice and social inequities.

Does this connection break when life ends for each of us? There is another level of reality that has no limits. What brings us into this world? Where do we go after life ends? This ultimate reality encompasses the beginning of consciousness and continues unbroken without end. Every thought…

A tanka poem

Photo: Sanjit Sengupta

Blackened tree limbs stretched
Up towards the azure sky
Asking for blessings?
This a spiritual tree?
Yes, It does seem so to me.

I found this tree on California’s Pacific coast close to Big Sur.

Simran Kankas, to me this tree was the embodiment of the publication title that you have developed and made available to all of us. Thanks!

Sanjit Sengupta

I like to express myself creatively in my haiku, poems and short stories.

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