“The majestic creature from the segregated American South witnessed many of the most momentous events in twentieth-century history: from the rise and fall of Hitler to the end of the Soviet Union.” russianlife.com

A short story

Illustration: Vikram Dayal

On a cold winter day in January 1936, a female alligator’s egg hatched in Bluff Lake, near Starkville, Mississippi, just south of Tupelo. Out came a male baby alligator about 8 inches in length. The protective mother brought him pieces of worms and insects to eat. The baby had an independent personality and tried to swim away from the mother. …

A tanka poem

Photo: Sanjit Sengupta

This is my E-bike
Pride and joy for the past three years
For daily commute
Pandemic blues lifestyle boost
For leisure and exercise.

Stopped working one day
It took three months to repair
Now I have it back.
Delighted to bike again
Sad with object dependence.

I regret how attached I am to this material object. Also sad to note that the company is withdrawing this product from the market. Hence this tribute.

An eternal connection

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

It is easy to see that we are all interconnected to each other as human beings, wherever we live, whether we know each other or not. There is a deep connection that links all of humanity. No question. That’s why we are bothered by injustice and social inequities.

Does this connection break when life ends for each of us? There is another level of reality that has no limits. What brings us into this world? Where do we go after life ends? This ultimate reality encompasses the beginning of consciousness and continues unbroken without end. Every thought…

A tanka poem

Photo: Sanjit Sengupta

Blackened tree limbs stretched
Up towards the azure sky
Asking for blessings?
This a spiritual tree?
Yes, It does seem so to me.

I found this tree on California’s Pacific coast close to Big Sur.

Simran Kankas, to me this tree was the embodiment of the publication title that you have developed and made available to all of us. Thanks!

A haiku poem

Photo:Sanjit Sengupta

Ocean meets the sky
With mist at the horizon
Goodbye setting sun.

The landscape is off the Pacific coast, near Big Sur, CA.

Free verse poetry

Photo by Eduardo Prim on Unsplash

In the ebb and flow
Of work and life
There are moments
When self-doubts appear.

Am I doing my job right?
Am I meeting the needs
Of those around me?
Am I competent to keep going?

These are disturbing thoughts.
Then I dwell on the positive.
The contributions I’ve made
Far outweigh the negatives.

So I shall keep plugging along
With a cheer and a song
Appreciating the imperfect self
Within the perfect Universe.

Thanks to Simran Kankas for the prompt, Self-Appreciation, on Spiritual Tree

A haiku poem

Photo: Sanjit Sengupta

Turquoise waters of
The Pacific down below
A feast for the eyes.

This view of the Pacific is on the California coast, near Big Sur.

Free verse poetry

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

If you command me to do something
That I have no choice but to comply
That is power and I will resist.

If you make a humble request as a peer
That I will do and go beyond in service.
That is glory.

A haiku poem

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

Happy Ending or
Excited new beginning
Of journey to God?

Thanks to Simran Kankas for the prompt, Happy Ending.

A short story

Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every immigrant has a story about how they came to America. For immigrant politicians, their stories seem particularly fine-tuned to the rags-to-riches American Dream. I’m no politician. Neither am I rich. But I do have an interesting story of how I came to America.

In Spring, 1985, the University of California, Berkeley sent me a telegram in Mumbai, India. They offered me admission and financial aid to join their Ph.D. program in Business Administration. It was the culmination of a year of preparation sending off applications to a dozen doctoral programs in the USA. It was a…

Sanjit Sengupta

I like to express myself creatively in my haiku, poems and short stories.

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